By: Tom Fitzgerald, SOA Board Secretary

Last November, homeowners elected me to one of five Somersett Owners Association (SOA) Board seats. During the eight months I have served on the SOA Board, I have learned many things about our great community and I want to share that knowledge with you.

Somersett currently has over 3,000 individual homes with an estimated population of 7,000 individuals. This means Somersett is larger than Gardnerville, Silver Springs, Lemmon Valley, West Wendover, Ely, Washoe Valley, Battle Mountain, Minden, Hawthorne, Yerington, Lovelock, Verdi and Mogul. With an SOA combined budget of $4,770,000 and a reserve fund of $6,232,000, this is a big financial responsibility.

The overall Somersett community has a large sub-association in Del Webb. These homeowners participate in the general common areas but have their own community center, Aspen Lodge, which is separate from the Town Center Clubhouse. They pay assessments for Aspen Lodge but they do not pay assessments for the Town Center Clubhouse.

The Nevada State Legislature has seen fit over the years to create Nevada Revised statutes (NRS) that govern every aspect of any Home Owners Association in Nevada. Thus as residents and Board members, we must follow the law as stated in NRS 116. This complicated statute is available online ( It is less than easy reading.

There are five SOA standing committees and one or more ad-hoc committees as needed. These committees have specific charters and meet on a scheduled basis. The members are homeowners and professionals as needed with support from Somersett staff.

 The Aesthetic Guidelines Committee (AGC) is one most homeowners interact with because it reviews all individual landscaping plans. The Planned Unit Development (PUD) detail and the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) for Somersett contain the information the AGC uses in reviewing submitted homeowner yard plans. This detail is available on the Somersett website.

Review each committee and its meeting schedule on the website and consider volunteering to serve as openings occur.

Somersett has contracted with First Services Residential to provide a professional staff to manage the day to day operation of our community. Unfortunately, this past year saw substantial turnover in each position. The Board and staff will work together to insure each homeowner is responded to in a timely and professional manner.

What I have shared is only some of the detail I have learned about our Association in the past eight months. I encourage all Somersett homeowners to become active in our community, to attend scheduled Board and committee meetings and to work in a positive manner with your neighbors to make this community the envy of northern Nevada!

 Finally, let’s respect each other as fellow mothers, fathers, friends and neighbors.


3 thoughts on “SOA Board Member Comments”

  1. Great to see a Board member comment. To date, news articles have focused primarily on activities with very little on Association business endeavors that impact all homeowners. We need more reports from the Board, Committee and/or FSR Staff. That is, frequent status reports as to what the BOD, SOA Committees and FSR Staff have accomplished or are proposing. It is understood that much of this is discussed in the monthly open BOD and Committee Meetings or documented in the BOD Meeting Minutes. However, very few homeowners attend these open meetings or know where to access meeting minutes.

  2. Once upon a time, one could easily find out stuff – financials, loans, lawsuits, minutes of meetings…

    It would be nice if these were clearly posted on the home page (when logged in) – so that one could click thru and read for yourself…

    The change in the website, has not helped at all with access and having mutiple log ins passwords for the SOA and the part of the SOA managed by FRS is to say the least is just confusing…

    The only thing which comes through clearly are the social activities (mainly for kids).

    I would also suggest that Tom email his helpful comments to all members…

    1. As someone who has been working for the past 3 years to improve our website, I am sorry that you do not find the new website to be improved over the Club Essential website we had previously. One feature of the new website which you may find helpful is the search capability. If you look at the sidebar which appears after you log in, you will find an icon which looks like a magnifying glass (third icon from the bottom). If you click this search icon, it will take you to a screen where you can perform a website search. When I search for “budget”, I get 8 results.
      You may also notice that the new website allows you to search the CC&R’s. Both of these capabilities are new, and were unavailable in the past. Perhaps you will find the search feature useful in locating the things you are looking for.
      Thanks for visiting our website and for your comment.

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