2018 Monthly Assessments:
$92 General Common; $89 The Club at Town Center; $54 Gates 



We are notifying all homeowners as to when meetings of the Board of Directors will be held as per NRS 116.31083.2, “not less than 10 days before the date of a meeting of the Board.” Any changes to the location, time or dates, will be published in the newsletters and on this website. Residents are invited to attend the Board of Directors, Finance Committee, Strategic Facilities, West Park and Communications Committee meetings. Click here for a printable 2018 Meeting Schedule. Any changes to the meeting dates will be updated on the SOA calendar. 

January Meetings
2nd – 2 pm Facilities
3rd – 4 pm Somersett Parks (formerly West Park)
4th – 9 am AGC
8th – 4 pm Finance
10th – 8:30 am CSC
18th – 9 am AGC
18th – 5:30 pm Communications Agenda
24th – 3:30 pm Executive
24th – 5:30 pm Board Agenda

February Meetings

1st – 9 am AGC
5th – 4 pm Finance
6th – 2 pm Facilities
7th – 4 pm Somersett Parks
14th – 8:30 am CSC
15th – 9 am AGC
15th – 5:30 pm Communications
28th – 3:30 pm Executive
28th – 5:30 pm Board

March Meetings
1st – 9 am AGC
5th – 4 pm Finance
6th – 2 pm Facilities
7th – 4 pm Somersett Parks
14th – 8:30 am CSC
15th – 9 am AGC
15th – 4 pm Communications
28th – 3:30 pm Executive
28th – 5:30 pm Board



Tom Fitzgerald – President
Jason Roland – Vice President
Frank Leto – Vice President
Ryan Burns – Treasurer
Steve Guderian – Secretary
Email the Board at SOABoard@mysomersett.com

Board Meeting Agendas
Jan. 24, 2018 Agenda
2017 Agendas
2016 Agendas


Board Meeting Packets
2017 Board Meeting Packets
December 14, 2016 Board Meeting Packet


SOME AGC Guidelines
*Please note that this document is a draft proposal of the AGC Guidelines that will be discussed at the Board meeting on Wednesday, October 25th at 5:30 pm

Board Meeting Minutes

January 25, 2017 Board Minutes
February 22, 2017 Board Minutes
March 22, 2017 Board Minutes
April 26, 2017 Board Minutes
May 24, 2017 Board Minutes
June 28, 2017 Board Minutes
July 26, 2017 Board Minutes
August 23, 2017 Board Minutes
September 18, 2017 Special Board Minutes
October 25, 2017 Board Minutes
2016 Board Minutes


Positions available for the following committees:
CSC, 1 position – Charter
Facilities, 2 positions – Charter
Finance, 1 position – Charter and Qualifications

Click here to fill out the Committee Application.  Please fill out the application and send it to Michelle Powers.

Aesthetic Guidelines Committee
Tom Fitzgerald – Board Representative
Frank Leto – Board Alternate
Rachel Hart – Landscape Architect
Mike McGonagle – Architect
Seth Padovan – Engineer
Steve Thompsen – Builder
Marilee Watts – Homeowner Representative

Communications Committee
Tom Fitzgerald – Board Representative
Frank Leto – Board Alternate
John Tozzi – Chair
Joe Capotrio
Nancy Chontos
Jeff Limpert
Dennis O’Connell
Email Committee at communications@mysomersett.com

Communications Committee Recaps
Past recaps

Community Standards Committee
Tom Fitzgerald – Board Representative
Steve Guderian – Board Alternate
Danielle Kirby
Anna Koelewyn
Glenda Powell
Tiffany Roland
Bret Scoggin

Facilities Committee
Ryan Burns – Board Representative
Jason Roland – Board Alternate
Dorthy Bell
Sharon Slattery
Ed Williams
Email Committee at spcfacilities@mysomersett.com

Facilities Committee Recaps
Past recaps

Finance & Budget Committee
Ryan Burns – Board Representative
Steve Guderian – Board Alternate
Joseph Fadrowsky
Ray Lee
Maryann McKinley
Ron Sobrero

Finance Committee Recaps
Past recaps

Somersett Parks Committee
(formerly West Park)

Jason Roland  – Board Representative
Ryan Burns – Board Alternate
Nancy Chontos – Chair
John Willoughby – Vice-Chair
Mike Bettinghouse
Ken McNeil
Chris Waters
Email Committee at westpark@mysomersett.com

Parks Committee Recaps
Past recaps